70 years of Independence!

I can’t stand stereotypes haunting our homes,

I can’t stand prejudices burning our family system

I can’t tolerate mental breakdowns increasing by the day

I can’t see women and children suffering

I can’t see male chauvinism in the name of religion

I don’t like the look of materialism and narcissism in the streets

I can’t digest commercialized education and health system

I can’t understand hypocrisy disguised

I can’t stand religious freedom being criticised

Cultural slavery optimized

Narcissism growing inside

Submission to Almighty considered a choice!

Freedom. 70 years of freedom.

We can’t run from the shadows of our misdeeds

From the ghosts of broken family ties

From the ills of shamelessness and modernism

Gender bias enlightens the streets

Childhood glamorization spicing up the prices

Inflation at every nook and corner

Every family torn down with mourners

The wise look for solutions to ailments

Each level is distorted

Each home is divided

National, community, family or individual

Darkness increases by the day

Where will true freedom creep in from?

The Book lying in our homes untouched

The message dying out of ignorance and lust

The insignificance of the message in the streets and systems

Magnifying the deception of this world

Minimizing the reality of the next.

Read in the Name of Your Lord


For every social ailment, Iqra.

Open the Book and start today.

The solution lies in the Book right away.

End your perceptions of dismay.

Heal the streets, the systems and the bias.

Address the narcissism, the shamelessness and nervous breakdowns

Talk to your Lord

Read and feel being understood.

He knows.

He knows independence and freedom.

Heal from within.

Celebrate independence from the dunya.

Celebration begins in Paradise.

Strive to solve the stereotypes!



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