Accept me as I have transformed

May Allah make you the leader of Al-Mutaqqun

Understand the turmoil I go through

I miss my crown;

I want to please my Creator

I want to be on the path of Messenger’s daughters and wives

May Allah enter you into the light of the verses of Ahzab and Nur

I miss my crown.

Hold my hand and accept me.

Accept me as I have transformed.

The expression of your love is empty without acceptance.

The expression of my love is in prostration.

Accept my transformation.

I miss my crown.

Please don’t frown.

That’s my identity there.

I have bidden farewell to my youth of ignorance.

The Book I read, gave me the willpower to wear the crown.

It is about us; it is not about me anymore.

I miss my crown.

Why doesn’t it give you a spiritual uplift?

Why do you feel bad about it?

It is my crown.

It is time to bridge differences.

It is time for acceptance.

Time for gratitude and prostration.

I can’t see myself lost in nothingness.

I am a warrior like those female companions.

Hold my hand, like you mean it, oh Qawwam.

Accept me as I have transformed.

The expression of love is through worship.

For the most memorable day in my life

It was when you stood by me

When I wore my crown.

That moment lasted a few minutes.

I miss my crown.

Together in worship and submission.

Together forever.

Distant in worship and submission,

A similar storm will await us.

Let’s hold hands like we mean to please our Creator.

I miss my crown.

Let me be.



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