A time of immense bonding, of exclaiming our Lord’s bounty,

With the welcome of little toes and fingers, Clasping trustingly at our giant sized thumbs

A chance to nurse and be the hero,

A chance to let down your guards

And thrive on being you

To gain love in its full capacity

A family of your own

Proud but not arrogant

Responsibility and duty

Not without equal respect, joy and laughter

Your supportive arms embracing me,

We’re meant to pave the way

For our tiny little feet

To curl up in the warmth of my lap

And from there to take its foundations

For a healthy and vibrant future.

“We are vulnerable and at your mercy, my dear companion and care is what we need most.”


As I grow old, the years etched into my skin

All alone now, your little feet have grown

Into strong and solid imprints

I depend on you now

Your warmth, affection and tenderness

Keeps my heart alive.

Knowing my work is almost done

But needing some last bits of companionship

To reminisce upon the days of old

To share the twinkle in my eye with.

Not much else do I ask for

Not wishing to be a burden

Content to be returning to my Lord

“Don’t let me loose my dignity, As I kept yours in your weakness, Embrace me with gentleness my child, Keep me nestled against your heart

As I did you”.


Taken from “Qawwaamoon-Protectors and Maintainers.

By Rahmanara Chowdhury.



In love with the book!


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