Letter II

Dear Baby,

Asalam o Alaikum.


You know what? You’require probably the size of a banana or a melon right now and I am so worried for you. Typically, that is motherhood. Worrying for my banana sized child who is not even born yet!

I missed writing to you. I had so many things to talk about but then I won’t find the resources to write and then suddenly I felt some blockage. I have been lately thinking a lot about how to link you to Allah”s Book well before you’re born and you open your eyes to this deceptive world. We covered Surah Fatir and Surah Layl in dars that we have every Friday. You will soon learn why Friday is Allah’s favorite day.

Khadija (my only brother”s daughter) is joining school soon. I am very excited. She is the first baby I have exhaustively loved. Whatever she eats, thinks, feels or speaks affects me very deeply for I learnt a lot about our deen in the last three four years as she was growing up.

I wish I was one of the greatest moms or atleast in their footsteps. When you are in middle age we will watch Omar Suleiman’s series on “Greatest Moms of all times” together.

Your grandmother and grandfather worked hard on me too. I wanted to tell you about them in this letter.

I owe to my father for inculcating the habit of reading in me. He was always keen to keep me connected to books and newspapers. May Allah reward him with all the good in this world and the Hereafter. Had he not encouraged me to read and spent money on my books, I wouldn’t have been able to read Tafsir like in depth research study. Rabirr ham huma kama Rabbayani Sagheera.

My mother.  Oh what an amazing bond I have with her! She has been my backbone. I can’t say much about her right now. The bond with a mother is the most sensitive and special.

Your maternal uncle is a hero. He survived a lot of hardships I believe. I have seen him tossing and turning in storms. He is more calm than me (oh and more polite). These three people are my lifeline.

One very special person I wanted to tell you about is my brother’s wife. We have transformed together and we understood each other when no one did. When you grow up you will know how despite being on opposite ends of the personality spectrum we could confide in each other. And that my child is only due to deen.

I have to swim oceans for you and I will Insha Allah. I don’t want to incur what Allah Subhan o Ta’ala calls the greatest loss. We learnt in Surah Zumar the other day,

“…Indeed, the losers are the ones who will lose themselves and their families on the Day of Resurrection. Unquestionably, that is the manifest loss.” (Surah Zumar: Ayah 15).

How on earth should I explain this to your father? I am so worried about this as well.

How do you feel when you listen to sound of Quran? That will be the best thing even after your birth baby.

Treasure the Quran if I am gone or even if I live. Study and teach it. Never abandon it on a shelf. Be a survivor, warrior and a hero in deen.

I love you.

May Allah decree all the good and ease for you in this world and and the Hereafter.




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