There’s a very stimulating quotation that success means going to sleep knowing that you have served the world in some way. The power of listening is mostly underestimated; it can do wonders in communication at all levels whether at home, with spouse, at work or with the audience. Psychologists, communication experts and wise men believe that the beauty of a relationship lies in understanding the things that are not verbally said. Improving listening skills for effective communication can be an integral part of wholesome self-improvement plan.
Firstly, the listeners are at fault when the other person is speaking their heart out and he or she is busy doing some other minor activity e.g. the most common these days is checking the phone time and again. The hurt or distressed person will be very disappointed. Therefore, the first characteristic of a good listener is that he listens with all his heart. The listener should show involvement by nodding the head, smiling when needed and sometimes patting on the shoulder if required.
The urgency in today’s world is spreading like termites; the high-tech life does not mean everyone becoming impatient. The listener has to be extremely patient and only speak when there is a signal from the disturbed speaker or even a public speaker. The speaker is presenting a stream of brainwaves and interruption might cease the entire stream of thoughts or ideas. The need to question should be curbed by taking deep breaths. Objections with the speaker’s beliefs and opinions should expresses in the end when the speaker has released the conflicting thoughts and appears to be more relaxed.
Either as a spectator of public speaking or as a listener to a friend’s problems, the person should not commit the error of attacking back once the speaker has finished conversing. The good listener has to be absorbed in all what he or she heard. Moreover, the listener has to echo the speaker’s ideas. This can have amazing effects on the person who needed to be heard. When things are mirrored in front of him, the person will automatically be able to pick out the illusions and assumptions he had been making unless it is a public speech which is usually based on facts or exaggeration of myths.
When trying to look for remedies for your friend and the silence exceeds normal limits, begin asking open ended questions to bring those conflicting thoughts out of him. If communication is left alone to develop, the rift can wreak havoc on the peace in life!


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