Confessions of a Physician turned into a Holistic Nutritionist!

My medical training had taught me to “put all those patients whom diagnosis you do not understand into psycho or functional patients category”.I remember we were also trained to inject them with an injection called Gold injection which was only distill water. The complaints never settled, now the latest medical science has incorporated more causes to put blame on, like high uric acid, low vitamin D, high lipid, high fasting sugar, obesity, depression and few newly added musical syndromes. Current doctors are hiding behind these diagnosis and do not want to go to their simple root causes, which is always in food, stress and lifestyle. Therefore all those having above mentioned problems focus on your, food, six hours of night sleep, correct exercise, individual stress management and right supplement. Doctors there is no disease which is non specific, rare, atypical or essential, there is always a chemical cause to it.
Dr Shagufta Feroz.



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