Reflections- the journey of a soul!

lost soul 002

On the inside, all the hidden mess

All that I am scared to confess

The outside seems as a lie

Maybe the stakes are too high

You can only pretend to be nice

For to be nice on the inside, you’d have to be wise

Not a place to live in the past

For a thing that isn’t going to last

To the world, it seems pious

On the inside it feels poisonous

The more cleaner they look

The more dirt they have took

Wouldn’t be easy to live in silence

You’re gonna have to pay the price

Samar Asif, a psychology graduate, quiet outside, loud inside, is interested in understanding the human nature and personality. She wants to dig into how lost souls find the path which could lead them to success.

I am grateful that she shared her reflections with us; may Allah SWT help us find our way back to our origin and fitrah and may we be empowered to reclaim our heart, which is gradually dripping in glamour and attractions of dunya (world), the temporary abode of a believer!
Jazakumullah khair.


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