[Then] Nusayba Um Ammarah- Fearless Warrior

Umm Amaara!
One of the bravest women in Islamic History!


Nusaybah was an Ansari woman. She was a newlywed when she, her husband, and her sister decided to embrace Islam. They went with a delegation of 72 men and 2 women of the Ansar to meet the Prophet ﷺ at Aqabah in Mina and say their shahada. Al Waqidi narrated from Ibn Abi Sa’sa’ that Nusayba said,

“The men were shaking hands with the Messenger of Allah ﷺ on the night of the pledge of Aqabah, giving their allegiance, while Abbas, the Prophet’s ﷺ uncle, was holding his other hand. When it was my turn and that of my sister, my husband, Arabah Ibn Amr said, ‘Messenger of Allah ﷺ here are two women who came with us to swear allegiance to you.’ The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said, ‘I accept their pledge with the same term that I accepted yours. I do not shake women’s hands.’” (This is because it is forbidden to make…

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