Don’t dance with the devil and wonder why you’re in hell!


A Disappointed idealist


Nobody likes being used unless they’re using the other person themselves, which is fine since it somehow makes it business. But If one person is sincere and the other person is using them, it hurts like anything when you find out. You feel small. You feel like an object.
Sometimes you know it all along that someone is using you, but first you deny it. You tell yourself that you are being paranoid and they are obviously sincere. Then eventually it becomes undeniable. You open your text inbox and you see a pattern, the only time they message you first is when they need something. And when you talk, you don’t feel heard. Even then, you make an excuse. You tell yourself something like ‘aren’t we all using each other’. You justify them by saying that you are using them too for a relationship and for their company etc.

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