the HAES® files: What the What?! – 3 Steps to Discover What It Means to Embody You

Embracing who you truly are!

Health At Every Size® Blog

by Dr. Jenny Copeland

Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and
embracing who we are.

~Brene Brown ~

What does it mean to be able to embody yourself in a genuine and authentic way? This question came up in conversation this week, and I was simultaneously dismayed and excited to find I did not have a simple answer. There are many academic and abstract definitions of “embodiment” which, from my perspective, can be boiled down to this: the tangible expression of an idea or feeling. That’s still a fairly vague definition if you think about it. Let’s break it down even further: thinking, breathing, and acting in a way that is consistent with your chosen values.

It is important for each of us, regardless of how long we have been in this movement, to assess where we are and how…

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