A Stark Reality


Trail 5 Islamabad
Trail 5

Trail 5

Yesterday I went on a road trip with two of my amazing friends. It was a random spontaneous plan to Islamabad. After a long taxi ride we stopped at the executive area in F-6 and walked 2km towards much awaited trail 5. It was sunny , but a lovely sunny day. Trail 5 looked so lonely and empty and we got even more excited because we all love solitude in our own little way. As soon as we started walking on the rocky path, two ‘guards’ sitting there started ogling at us like we belonged to some other planet. We ignored them for a while and kept walking but their mere presence and stare made us uncomfortable beyond our skin. And we walked back disappointed. It made me think what made us return back? Our own fear, their stare or just the prevailing circumstances. Why does a girl have to feel safe in the presence of a crowd, why can’t we explore our own fears? Sometimes we do have to step out of our comfort zone to understand the reality. May we see a day in Pakistan where every individual would feel safe mentally, physically and emotionally.

Stay strong peeps! Stay blessed.

Maham Waheed a fellow psychology student, my confidante, is someone who struggles to understand realities often through bitter experiences. She is an inspiration in herself; she embraces life all the more through self-discovery.

Connect with her here: https://twitter.com/MahamWaheed91

Her Blog: http://mahamsheikh91.wordpress.com/


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