Remedies from the Prophet's (peace be upon him) life.
Remedies from the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) life.

In the First International Conference on Islamic Medicine, held in Kuwait in January 1981, some basic properties of Islamic medicine were proposed:

  • adherence to Islamic teachings and etiquette
  • adherence to logic in practicing medicine
  • holistic Approach, paying equal attention to the body, mind and soul, for individuals and societies both
  • universal perspective, keeping in mind the welfare of the humanity by utilizing all resources
  • scientific methods, based on logical conclusions
  • excellence, achieving what other kinds of treatments have failed to achieve

(The Islamic Guideline on Medicine, Yusuf Al Hajj Ahmed, Darrusalam).

This multifaceted approach is one of a kind; it not only paves way for the healing of the ailing individual physically, but aims to provide him/her with inner peace, mental relaxation, optimal community functioning and social adjustment. Moreover, the beauty of Islamic Medicine principles lies in the fact that it aims for complete restoration of the individual in all dimensions.

The Sunnah lifestyle is a paradigm in itself. It it is a proper framework for the struggling Muslim today; if we begin to apply the Sunnah ways of everyday living, especially health guidelines, we will be able to regain that tranquility, the one, we yearn for!

I am still struggling with these basics unfortunately. Which ones have you tried or are looking forward to?
For starters, satisfy your appetite with the following hadith:

I was a boy under the care of Allah’s Apostle and my hand used to go around the dish while I was eating. So Allah’s Apostle said to me, ‘O boy! Mention the Name of Allah and eat with your right hand, and eat of the dish what is nearer to you.” Since then I have applied those instructions when eating (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 65, Number 288).

Till next time, pause and reflect, ayah by ayah, on the following ayaat from Surah Al-Ala:

 Glorify the Name of your Lord, the Most High,

Who has created (everything), and then proportioned it;

 And Who has measured (preordainments for each and everything even to be blessed or wretched); then guided (i.e. showed mankind the right as well as wrong paths, and guided the animals to pasture);

 And Who brings out the pasturage,

 And then makes it dark stubble.

We shall make you to recite (the Qur’an), so you (O Muhammad ()) shall not forget (it),

Except what Allah, may will, He knows what is apparent and what is hidden.

 And We shall make easy for you (O Muhammad () the easy way (i.e. the doing of righteous deeds).

Therefore remind (men) in case the reminder profits (them).

Wishing all the readers the best of their lives, till the Hereafter!


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